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Durée : 2 min.

Questions to Associate Directors of Calavita.

Hugo ALLEGRE, Gregory MOUREY and Alexandre ANDREUCETTI answer the questions commonly asked at the opening of Calavita.

How does Calavita stand out from other hotels?

At Calavita, we chose to focus on the customer experience. When we decided to take over this historic establishment in the country of Bastiais, we made the bet to offer more than just accommodation. At the heart of our concept, there is the desire to position ourselves as professionals creating unique moments of life … This is our definition of life on the island of beauty.

And concretely, how is this will translated in the establishment?

First of all, it is through the human that we have the ambition to succeed this bet. Our team is really concerned to offer a welcome and a quality service . Secondly, it is the constant concern for quality and our involvement in the heart of the local socio-economic fabric that allows us to offer an authentic experience to our customers. We will say that this experience is difficult to translate with words. Corsica is more than just a tourist destination, it is the promise of discovering a way of life … Between culture, escape, gastronomy and human encounters of character! You have to come live it and maybe you will find the words to talk about it better than us …

What are your underlying motivations behind this approach?

You know, we are one of the few hotels that stays open year-round, we are young island entrepreneurs deeply motivated by the desire to give back to our island a little of the passion it brings to the heart of our hearts. If thanks to its beauty we manage to live from our passion that this job, then we have the duty and the responsibility to do it in the respect of the values ​​and the traditions that our island has been able to transmit to us over the years. Too many people think “to know” Corsica, we live it everyday and our deep motivation is to share this experience to our customers


We hope that Hotel Calavita will be your ideal destination for your summer holidays to discover Bastia and Cap Corse. We will be happy to welcome you and to share with you our vision of tourism in Corsica, oriented towards a qualitative and respectful experience of our island eco-system. At Calavita, we are proud to promote our land, our values, our culture and our gastronomy.

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Hugo Allegre, your host.


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