14 April 2022

Summer is coming to the Calavita Hotel !

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 370 The first rays of spring sunshine have just fallen on the Calavita Hotel! The hotel is now back to its summer roots and […]
19 March 2022

Privatize our Rooftop for all your events in Bastia

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 3,107 Previous Next Ideally located, our fully renovated hotel complex offers a unique space for all your events in Bastia, Cap Corse or Haute-Corse. Give […]
14 February 2022

A late winter at Calavita

Durée : 4 min. Vues : 338 Winter is here. The morning chill doesn’t fool anyone and nature has taken on its sad seasonal look… But not at the Calavita […]
24 June 2019

Rooftop, swimming pool and jacuzzi in Bastia

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,866 Précédent Suivant Ideally located, our completely renovated hotel complex gives you a unique space for your holidays in Corsica, to discover Bastia and Cap Corse. Relaxation and […]
24 June 2019

A chef, a cuisine of flavors

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,750             Previous Next Hotel, restaurant and roof-top: the Calavita offers you the opportunity to experience a tasty holiday […]
24 June 2019

Excursion at sea to discover Bastia and Cap Corse

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 2,142 Previous Next Discover Bastia and Cap Corse through an excursion or mini-cruise for the day … An ideal activity with friends or family […]
20 June 2019

Unusual City trip to Bastia

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,499 Précédent Suivant Discover Bastia through an unusual City trip. In partnership with the tourist office of Bastia, your hotel offers many activities and […]
20 June 2019

The Calavita, a chic and authentic “cozy nest”!

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,150 Want to relax in Corsica ?! Discover the hotel Calavita, your cozy and authentic nest between Bastia and Cap Corse! You have chosen to put your […]
20 June 2019

CALAVITA is family spirit!

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 1,321 More than a team at your service, a family spirit! At the hotel-restaurant-rooftop “Le Calavita”, you will find better than a team at […]
20 June 2019

A 100% Corsican breakfast

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 1,275 At Hotel Calavita, your breakfast is 100% Corsican! 
 Breakfast is sacred! And even more on holidays … Whether you choose to enjoy it in your […]
20 June 2019

Questions answers

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 1,170 Questions to Associate Directors of Calavita. Hugo ALLEGRE, Gregory MOUREY and Alexandre ANDREUCETTI answer the questions commonly asked at the opening of Calavita. How does Calavita […]
20 June 2019

Environment and Sustainable Hotels in Corsica

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 2,114 A commitment to the future of our island Calavita, a hotel committed to responsible tourism Because our business is the guarantor of the ecological […]
20 June 2019

Corsican family and hotel!

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,214 Family holidays at Hotel Calavita … It’s REALLY a vacation! Ahhh … our beloved children, we love them, we adore them and we venerate […]
20 June 2019

A hotel that is part of our history …

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 1,071 The Calavita: a hotel, a story. A simple and elegant building facing the sea at the beginning of the Cap Corse road. An ideal […]
17 June 2019

The Calavita, a cozy nest for your holidays in Corsica

Durée : 2 min. Vues : 1,765 Want to relax in Corsica ?! Discover the Calavita hotel, your chic and authentic cozy nest between Bastia and Cap Corse!   You have chosen to put your suitcases in Corsica for […]
17 June 2019

Your immersion holidays in the heart of the Corsican soul

Durée : 3 min. Vues : 1,761 Corsica, more than just a tourist destination, is the promise of a stay rich in discoveries … Between escape, gastronomy and human encounters of […]